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Working with Morton

As a top technical professional, you are no stranger to a steady stream of job offers.


Open your inbox now and there are probably a few recruiters vying for your attention. Unfortunately, far too many of those messages are from recruiters who fail to take the time to get to know your passions, goals, and motivation.


It is time IT and recruiting services started acting like a trusted partner focused on connecting you with your next opportunity.


Our Morton Match process prioritizes building relationships that help us stay connected with you during every step of the job search process:

Opening Assessment

We get to know your current situation, motivation, technical strengths, and job requirements before presenting a string of job offers. Job offers are tailored to your passions.

Interview Preparation

Your preparation does not begin and end with reading the job requirements. We provide you with inside information on the company to improve the outcome of your interview.

Constant Communication

Our technical recruiters maintain regular communication throughout the process, keeping you informed of the company’s hiring process and decision.

Long-Term Partnership

Once you are situated in your IT consultant job, our recruiters do not fade away. We follow up as you transition into your new role. Morton Consulting works to make partnerships last.

  • "The value that Morton Consulting brings in presenting quality candidates is why we bring searches to them.”

    -Customer, Glen Allen
  • "The team at Morton Consulting works tirelessly helping candidates match their skills and interests to clients opportunities."

    – Program Manager, Richmond
  • "Many businesses do their best to make you feel like you’re part of a family. Morton Consulting makes that a reality."

    – SharePoint Architect, Chester
  • "All in all, I find Morton Consulting head and shoulders above other consulting firms and am proud to have been selected to join the team."

    – QA Consultant, Roanoke
  • "Working with Morton Consulting over the past year has been a blessing to me and my family.  I look forward to a continued relationship with Morton Consulting in the coming year and I thank everyone for their hard work and dedication."

    – Network Administrator, Chester

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