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When’s the Last Time you Took a Vacation PM?

Written on December 2, 2010

Utpal Vaishnav’s blog – Uptal Writes – is always producing articles that provide solid advice and opinions for project managers.  He’s recently discussed something that a lot of project managers tend to forget  – the value of a good vacation.

We forget about this in several different ways; we forget about vacations altogether due to the constant pressures of work, we forget about the impact it can have on our performance as project managers and our general state of mind, and we forget why it can be a good thing for the project team as well.

No time off leads to a stressed project manager, a stressed PM leads to a stressed team, and a stressed team leads to an unenjoyable and inefficient development process. As Utpal points out, there’s a reason you tend to see higher rates of high blood pressure among stressed project managers – working 6 or 7 days a week for 12 or more hours is highly taxing on a person.

The other point Utpal makes that I think is a very good one is the opportunity that comes in the PM’s absence – the opportunity for rest of the team to step up and keep things functioning. Designating senior team members to act in your absence ensure there will be some order, and from there it’s up the sub and the team to prove their ability to work on their own.

When you come back from your week’s vacation, you may be pleasantly surprised by how your team has progressed in your absence. Most importantly, you will be re-energized and ready to start back fresh.

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