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Web Developers Demand = Opportunity!

Written on October 12, 2011

We’re in a good position to note the trends in the IT industry, as we’re dealing with both developers and companies seeking new talent every day. Sometimes the trends are small and subtle, such as companies tending to add a particular skillset into their requirements or seeing resumes emphasizing experiences differently. And sometimes those trends are bigger and more apparent, such as when we see a big raise in demand for a particular position or a drop in certain jobs resumes going out.


The later is the type of trend we’re seeing in the recent demand for web developers, specifically for .NET, Java, and C# talent. Every day we’re getting more and more requests for skilled professionals with these specific areas of focus. In fact, the demand has been so strong that companies are asking for candidates who would be willing to learn these skills to augment their current abilities.


We’re not the only ones who have noticed either. Dice, one of the industry’s larger technology job boards, has released a report confirming the same thing. Compared to last year, posts seeking .NET skills are up 25% from this time last year  – and that’s not too far off our own experience receiving requests for candidates. And Dice isn’t the only one; Wanted Analytics reported similar demand for Web Developers in general. The same holds true on the other side of the pond, with multiple reports of developers in short supply.


What an opportunity this is! In a time where many people are looking to expand their skillsets or refocus their efforts, web development is a very prosperous field for both experienced and up-and-coming developers. We at Morton Consulting take particular note to characterize this as a situation of high demand, and not a situation of talent shortage. What’s the difference? While the later suggests that there are too few skilled developers, the former puts the focus on the bounty of opportunities – and so do we. More opportunities means more choice for the developer to find the right position with the right company, with a little help of course!


We see this as a great opportunity for Morton Consulting and our partners, both clients and consultants. How can a situation where developer talent is in high demand be an opportunity for clients (who are posting all the jobs)? Simple – by working with Morton, you’re cutting through the noise of all the other job postings out there. We’re going straight to the developers themselves and getting to know them. We’re finding a match, not just filling a position. And in a situation where everyone is looking for talent, finding the right talent is all the more beneficial for our clients, our consultants, and us.

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