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The Power of a Facebook “Like”

Written on March 7, 2013

In planning for 2013, we spent significant time around revenue, new customer acquisition, and retention. However, with the Social Media surge in business it was obvious that it needed to be a part of the conversation.  We have made substantial investments in Social Media for a few years starting with LinkedIn.  Over the past year, Facebook and Twitter have quickly become major players in the Staffing space so in 2013, we have committed to leveraging these tools both as a business and individually.  A part of this commitment to Social Media is our quest towards 1000 “Likes” on Facebook.

In an article I read just this morning on Wired, only 12% of businesses today have planned social media strategies beyond next year which in my opinion, leaves a ton of opportunity on the table.  In attending SIA Executive Forum conferences over the past couple of years, I’ve heard loud and clear about this opportunity in Social Media and therefore, have made it a part of our business.  Morton Consulting has, for some time now, had a Twitter account, Facebook page, and LinkedIn company page but there is a major difference between having the page and then actually leveraging that social media outlet to drive business.

So, why Facebook and what value is there in a “Like” for our business?   Well, we all know Facebook has over one billion users and after reading an article from VentureBeat I learned Facebook also has over 15 million pages dedicated to specific brands like Morton Consulting.  If you haven’t noticed, almost everyone has a Facebook page, so we have started to leverage the Morton page to post our jobs.  Every time we post a job, those that “Like” our page you will receive an update in their News Feed with a link to the details for that job.  As it stands today, we have 376 people who have “Liked” our page which is up 100 “Likes” over the past month.  Each time we receive another “Like” we increase our audience.  As our audience makes it way closer to 1000, we are constantly building our brand and, in effect, a community.

For those of you that want to see the Power in a Facebook “Like” go check out some of your favorite different brands out there to see what they have created.  The TV show Duck Dynasty is a great example with almost 4 million likes on Facebook or you could check out Amazon with a just over 17 million likes.   Can we agree there is something pretty powerful about these pages?  Where are you at in implementing your Social Media Strategy and are you leveraging Facebook?

Our primary goal in leveraging Facebook is to build our brand and community on a platform that is widely accepted.  As we receive new opportunities, we can quickly send the details out to a large audience in hopes of connecting with new candidates, customers, and partners.  Do you want to stay updated with Morton Consulting and all of our new job postings?  Well, go ahead and “Like” us on Facebook!


David Borovatz

Director of Operations

Morton Consulting

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