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Recruiting Tools of the Trade

Written on February 6, 2012

Picking the right recruiting tools is an essential part of how we keep our process effective, efficient, and thorough. Yammer and TalentWise are two we use.


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Bringing Back The Purple Squirrel

Written on February 2, 2012

We defends the relevance and connotations of the classic recruiting term, the purple squirrel, and how it applied to what we do here at Morton Consulting.


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IPv6 is Coming to Town

Written on November 15, 2011

After the full allocation of IPv4 internet addresses early this year, Comcast has begun a trail deployment of the IPv6 protocol to Pleasanton, California.


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Gartner’s Top IT Trends for 2012

Written on November 1, 2011

David Cappuccio of Gartner recently gave a keynote on major IT trends in the industry, and what we can expect in 2012. The unifying idea is efficiency.


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What’s Your Company’s Strength?

Written on October 25, 2011

Any company that has had success exhibits traits that particularly exemplify their efforts and become something they are known for. Once you have identified that strength, make it your identity. Through it you can define and differentiate your business, something that is more important than ever in the IT industry.


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The Shifting Scope of IT Consulting

Written on May 31, 2011

Technology, as we all know, is a rapidly changing industry. Adjusting to changing conditions is part of the job as an IT consultancy. But it’s more than just utilizing new tools and the latest hardware – it’s about adjusting business practices to meet the needs of the client and the consultancy. This is something Eric […]


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Management v. Micro-Management

Written on May 27, 2011

Do you recognize the line between management and micro-management? A key quality of a good project manager is learning when to be hands-on, and when to let the team do what they do best. This “line” is enigmatic, and depends on the project, the team members, and your own personality and management style.   Bright […]


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Morton Chosen As RichTech Finalist

Written on April 6, 2011

Morton Consulting has been selected as a finalist for the Cherry, Bekaert & Holland Emerging Company Award – one of RichTech’s annual Technology Star Awards.


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