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What’s up with Windows Phone 7?

Written on September 7, 2010

As certified tech-heads, we keep our eyes and ears open at all times for the latest and greatest, and track the progress of what’s on the horizon. We sniff out new information about the latest products and software, and sometimes get it before it’s supposed to be released (stay tuned!). And of course, the mobile […]


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The Smartphone Industry Gets Another Shake Up

Written on July 20, 2010

It turns out that the iPhone’s external antenna – the metal band wrapped around the phone – was causing signal trouble when gripped by the lower left corner. This was the driving factor in Consumer Report’s decision to not recommend the iPhone 4 to its readers.


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Android and Apple iOS Showing Big Increase in Use

Written on July 14, 2010

The mobile operating system has become a ‘hotspot’ of competition between companies seeking to lead the way in the ever-growing smartphone market, particularly between Apple iOS and Google Android


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