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Program Project Management Case Study

Written on October 20, 2009

Program / Project Management – Case Study

Client engaged Morton Consulting to support its Project Management Office, which was responsible for managing a state contract.    The contract, among other things, required the client to complete installing all new network/hardware/software infrastructure over a multi-year period, by a certain date.    The infrastructure transformation program involved hundreds of individual projects serving 97 different state agencies.    Technical resources (network engineers, system programmers, DBAs) were organized in a common pool, and assigned to projects on an as needed basis.
At the time Morton was engaged, the client knew they were behind on delivering the infrastructure transformation.    One major problem was that none of the individual project plans were integrated, with the result being that technical pool resources were working on 12-15 projects at the same time, with allocation levels of 150 % or more.    These over allocations tended to be in skill set areas that were in high demand, and on the critical path of the project.
Morton’s focus at the start was to (1) develop a common project plan framework (milestones, phases and activities), (2) get the existing plans copied to the new framework, (3) integrate the individual projects and (4) create an executive dashboard roll-up view of all projects in the program.    After accomplishing these 4 objectives, it become clear to client senior management that the contract was in trouble, and that without taking aggressive steps, the transformation date would be missed.
Morton was engaged again to essentially manage the client PMO and to provide direct support to individual project managers for project plan development, maintenance and overall project planning.    Morton currently has 17 associates working full time with the client: initiatives have been re-base lined, properly staffed and the initiative is back on track.

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