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Post Recession Tech Predictions Coming to Pass

Written on October 27, 2010

Back in early January this year, Michael Wood of gantthead.com wrote an article titled, “Hot Post-Recession Technologies for 2010.” It lists technologies that Garner predicted would be popular in the coming year for businesses. Having now covered the bulk of the year, let’s take a look at how close those predictions were.

The article, which you can read here, lists 10 “top technologies to watch for 2010.” They were:
1.    Cloud Computing
2.    Advanced Analytics
3.    Client Computing
4.    IT for Green
5.    Reshaping the Data Center
6.    Social Computing
7.    Security
8.    Flash Memory
9.    Virtualization for Availability
10.  Mobile Applications

If you’ve kept up with our blog here, or IT news in general, then you know this lists starts strong by predicting the popularity of Cloud Computing. We’ve seen the cloud come into play all over the place, from data backup to Window 7’s new commercial about photo editing. Cloud computing hold the potential of lower costs for companies, less hardware for users, and near-universal access ability. We won’t see this one lapsing in popularity anytime soon.

Advanced analytics is seeing some decent attention as well. Take for example IBM’s recent announcement of new software that will help automate and manage process and content. Among its functions, it will integrating advanced analytics with process management, business rules, and social software (see #6).disk

We just saw flash memory get it’s biggest plug to date – its inclusion to the new generation of MacBook Air laptops. Apple likes to be on the front end of new technologies – and while flash memory has been around for a while, this is the first time it has been an integral piece of a mainstream computer’s design. Make no mistake, this will be the standard everywhere soon enough. This, more than anything else on the list, represents a direct evolution of technology – and as CD-ROM replaced the floppy, flash memory will replace disk drives.

In fact, most of these predictions were pretty spot on. It makes sense; most of the listed techs were already well on their way to widespread popularity at the start of the year – and even ones that are still finding their way to prominence (like the aforementioned advanced analytics, virtualization, and client computing) are definitely seeing more exposure. Green IT, more efficient data center designs, and mobile apps were the “gimmes.” If you weren’t expecting to see a lot more of them, you should have. And they’re only still getting started in terms of being integrated to all facets of IT.

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