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March Madness

Written on March 14, 2013

As we quickly approach every college basketball fan’s favorite time of year, Morton Consulting is also in the process of enjoying our own March Madness.  In fact, the NCAA is celebrating 75 years of March Madness this year which is quite impressive.  In 75 years, we’ve seen many changes in what we all call March Madness.  Some examples include, a field of 8 teams has grown to 68 teams, attendance has grown from just over 15,000 to 717,185, and scoring has seen a significant increase from 79 total points in 1939’s championship game to 126 in last year’s game.

The staffing business has also seen a number of changes throughout history.  When I started in this business, emailing resumes was fairly new which probably sounds crazy to most that just entered staffing within the past few years.  Before email, staffing companies were faxing or using the US Postal Service to mail resumes to clients.  WOW, pretty hard to believe right?  I also remember when clients would call on a Friday and request resources to start the following Monday.  Really, no interview, is that crazy or what?  Additionally, we’ve seen the number of Staffing Firms grow at an aggressive pace over the past 10 years which has created competition, challenges, and a significant need to differentiate your staffing business from the rest.

So you might be asking yourself, why is it March Madness for Morton Consulting?  Well, in the Staffing business, Q1 is the most critical quarter in maximizing the end of the year result. The push to finish the quarter strong is significant and the Morton team is doing whatever we can to hustle for our customers (both clients and job seekers).  We have seen new requests from clients increase significantly since the beginning of March which is great news.

The team at Morton Consulting is available and ready to speak with talent seekers and job seekers.   Please visit us at http://www.mortonconsulting.com to see our most recent job listings or check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  If you are ready to hire the most talented IT resources or if you are ready to consider your next opportunity, please call us at 804-290-4272 and we’ll direct you to the right team member.  Even though they say, March Madness tends to lower worker productivity, the team at Morton Consulting is receiving new opportunities daily and we’ll be here to help throughout this crazy month of March Madness.

David Borovatz

Director of Operations

Morton Consulting

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