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Looking Back at Xperts

Written on September 2, 2011

When Mark Morton made the decision to acquire Xperts, it wasn’t without careful consideration of the company’s history and values. What he found was a company that was driven, solutions-oriented, and most importantly based on sound beliefs of teamwork and building strong relationships.

Xperts was established in 1990, starting strong out of the gate with a contract for Dominion Power’s North Anna Nuclear Power Plant. Founded by William Tyler, Xperts established itself as a consistent and dependable provider of custom software solutions and expert IT consulting.

Like Morton Consulting, Xperts was guided by a set of core principles. Quality, Fiscal Responsibility, Strong Relationships, Pursuit of Knowledge, and Personal Responsibility – these core values express much the same approach to doing business as Morton’s core values of Teamwork, Results, Integrity, and Partnership.

You might go so far as to call Morton and Xperts two of a kind – IT specialists with a drive to help their business succeed by making those they work with succeed.  While their areas of focus might not totally align, such as Morton’s emphasis on expert IT recruiting and Xpert’s focus on specialty education software, they are alike in the ways it matters most. Integrity in all things, finding mutual success with clients, and finding the best talent in the IT industry are what make Morton and what made Xperts special.

It is through this connection, and through the many professionals who have worked for or with both Xperts and Morton, that we consider the “alumni” of Xperts to be part of the Morton family. Because their professionalism, expertise, and desire to succeed have already been proven.

As such we are always trying to strengthen that connection. We more than welcome everyone who has worked with or for Xperts to connect with us, talk with us, and hopefully work with us as we continue the legacy of teamwork and expertise that Xperts has left.

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