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Are Your IT Skills Up-to-Date?

Written on October 5, 2011

We know that IT is going to continue to be in high demand over the next year, as it was over the past year. But what IT skills are going to be most in demand? Expanding skillsets and utilizing new technologies is a critical skill for any IT professional, and now is the time to be branching out into some new areas.

Computerworld has worked on shining some light on to those areas of IT which employers are actively seeking. In their annual Forecast survey, 353 IT executives were polled as to what sort of hiring they planned to do over the next year, and what skills they were seeking most. The results shouldn’t be unexpected to anyone – more of confirmations of the trends we’ve already seen emerge.

Computerworld identified nine areas of major focus for those executives.

The areas are, in order of percentage of executives who said they were focusing on it for hiring:

  1. Programming and Applications Development (61%)
  2. Project Management (44%)
  3. Help Desk/Technical Support (35%)
  4. Networking (35%)
  5. Business Intelligence (23%)
  6. Data Center (18%)
  7. Web 2.0 (18%)
  8. Security (17%)
  9. Telecommunications (9%)


Telecommunications was noted for focusing specifically on IP telephony and Cisco IPCC call center systems. Despite the ever-important nature of security as well as the increased security concerns of mobile and cloud, security’s 17% constitutes a large drop from 32% last year. This may speak more to the variety of skills in demand this year than a decreased focus on security itself.

Program and Application Development took the cake, with a commanding 61% of executives focus on hiring for it. Need is strong for many areas of development – web, upgrading internal systems, mobile applications, and more. And in the competitive and lean atmosphere of today, when executives say “program manager” these days, what they mean is a business analyst who can also manage IT projects.

No matter what area of IT you are focused in, there is always an additional skillset or area of focus you can add to your repertoire that will increase your value to prospective employers. By improving your arsenal of IT skills, you set yourself up to be more efficient, effective, and of greater value for businesses.

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