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Employee Spotlight with Chris Stiegmann

Written on June 27, 2011

Chris has worked with Morton Consulting since it’s inception in 2006 to provide effective financial strategies to meet long-term financial goals.

Chris has been a part of the Morton transformation from it’s infancy and she tells us that she is “overjoyed with the direction that Morton Consulting is headed after 5 years.”

“I remember being at the kitchen table with Mark and working out all of the details for Morton back in 2006,” Chris said. “I have always felt he would succeed with his vision.”

Chris believes that she is the more conservative half of Mark’s progressive business plan and feels that she and Mark make a great business rapport in taking on big decisions.
“He has empowered me with so much responsibility,” Chris said. “At Morton I have the freedom to be with my family and I have the trust from the company to use my skills.”

“Over the years I’ve always wondered how we will ever accomplish the big goals that Mark sets forth for the company, and Mark’s response is always ‘Why not?!’….he’s such a visionary.” Chris said.

“This is the perfect meshing of business and family for me,” Chris said. “I feel so fulfilled doing my job and feel like I have something that I can call my own and that I can excel with on a daily basis…it’s so rewarding!”

Mark Morton reference for Chris.

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