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What’s Your Company’s Strength?

Written on October 25, 2011

Any company that has had success exhibits traits that particularly exemplify their efforts and become something they are known for. Apple is known for their high-quality design and usability, Google for their innovation and ability to simplify web interfaces, and so on. While you wouldn’t say these are the only reasons for these companies’ success, you would say they are major factors.

We think it’s important to know your company’s strength. If not what your company’s strength is, you should definitely know what you want and are working towards it being. Once you have identified that strength, make it your identity. Through it you can define and differentiate your business, something that is more important than ever in the IT industry.

Morton Consulting’s answer to this question of what is our company’s strength is our TRIP principles: Teamwork, Results, Integrity, Partnership. That is to say, these principles guide us directly to our strength: personal touch.

Consulting and recruiting in the IT industry has become a vast industry that brings with it all manner of approaches and outlooks; some good, some bad. And for better or worse, a company seeking an IT consulting firm to help fill needs may have a range of quality in their experiences. Some will find companies there are fully automated: searching keywords on job boards, sending spam, and employing a general “catch-all” strategy. Others will be exacting in their requirements but lacking in ensuring a real fit, and everything in between.

This is where we, and our long-time clients, feel Morton Consulting stands out most: taking the time and effort to put a personal touch on every phase of placing a consultant. We are dedicated to getting to know our clients in person and understanding their needs thoroughly. We actually talk to our consultant candidates about their skills and experiences; no mass emails or automatic messages.

Just as critical to us as the pre-placement process is following up properly. Once a placement has been made, it’s still our responsibly to make sure it was in fact the right one. We stick with both the client and the consultant to confirm that both parties are satisfied. We value relationships over simply numbers, and the personal touch is paramount to building those relationships. When you work with Morton Consulting, you can be sure we are working with the assumption that it will be a long-lasting, successful business partnership.

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