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Candidate Referral Bonus Program

Written on March 27, 2013

Morton Consulting is receiving new requests from clients on a daily basis and many of these requests are in areas of high demand and low supply like .NET and Java Development.  In an effort to make sure all of our clients are receiving the RIGHT candidates to fill their vacancies, we are opening our Candidate Referral Bonus program to everyone.

As Morton Consulting has continued to grow over the past 6+ years, we recognize that our employees, partners, and clients have played an important part in this growth through referrals.  Morton Consulting is committed to connecting our clients with the most talented technology and business professionals in the marketplace.  In order to stand by the commitment we have made to our core values, we are looking for prospective candidates who can represent these values well, whether working directly for Morton Consulting or for one of our partners.

A full listing of all of our current jobs can be found by following this link.  Of course, we encourage you to visit our site weekly for your own job search, but if you see a position that would be a better fit for someone else you know, we would love the referral.  If you would like credit for the referral, please email the candidate’s details to our Recruitment Lead at megan.johnson@mortonconsulting.com.   Please indicate “CANDIDATE REFERRAL” in the subject line.

Anyone who refers a qualified candidate to Morton Consulting can be eligible for a $500.00 Candidate Referral Bonus which will be payable upon completion of that candidates first 30 days of employment with Morton Consulting.  The following terms and conditions apply:

  • Candidate must successfully complete the first 30 days of employment before the Referral Bonus is payable
  • If the referred candidate has an existing record in the Morton Consulting database and a Morton Consulting representative has communicated with that candidate in the past 90 days, the referred candidate isn’t eligible for a Candidate Referral Bonus.
  • Referred candidates will remain eligible for the Candidate Referral Bonus for a period of 90 days from the date of the referral.

The team at Morton Consulting is very excited about this Candidate Referral Bonus program.  We are hopeful this program will allow us to continue delivering the best candidates to our clients while staying focused on outstanding customer service.  Some specific areas where we can use referral support include:

  • .NET Development (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET)
  • Java/J2EE Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Citrix Administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Network Administration / Engineering
  • Oracle Developers / DBAs
  • SQL Server Developers / DBAs

Happy referring!


David Borovatz

Director of Operations

Morton Consulting

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