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What’s Your Company’s Strength?

Written on October 25, 2011

Any company that has had success exhibits traits that particularly exemplify their efforts and become something they are known for. Once you have identified that strength, make it your identity. Through it you can define and differentiate your business, something that is more important than ever in the IT industry.


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What Makes a Project Manager?

Written on October 20, 2011

Project management can be a difficult field to master, and with growing expectations from clients and team members it is important to stay on top of what exactly being a project manager calls for.


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Microsoft Embraces Apache Hadoop

Written on October 18, 2011

Yesterday Ted Kummert gave a PASS Summit 2011 keynote address,announcing that Microsoft will be utilizing Hadoop-based distributions for both Windows Server and Windows Azure.


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TechRepublic Brings the Consultant Advice

Written on October 14, 2011

TechRepublic is one of our favorite sites out there for news, opinions, and advice on everything IT. And while it’s a fantastic source of information about the industry at large and the major players in the tech world, we’re particularly fond of the site for their particular attention to the IT consulting industry.


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Web Developers Demand = Opportunity!

Written on October 12, 2011

We’re in a good position to note the trends in the IT industry, as we’re dealing with both developers and companies seeking new talent every day. Sometimes the trends are small and subtle, such as companies tending to add a particular skillset into their requirements or seeing resumes emphasizing experiences differently. And sometimes those trends […]


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Are Your IT Skills Up-to-Date?

Written on October 5, 2011

What IT skills are going to be most in demand over the next year? We look at a recent survey from Computerworld and discuss the result on our blog. Expanding skillsets and utilizing new technologies is a critical skill for any IT professional, and now is the time to be branching out into some new areas.


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Morton Jobs Listings: Now with LinkedIn!

Written on September 30, 2011

LinkedIn has always been a major resource for networking and developing connections, and the Virginia/DC/Baltimore IT community boasts a very strong presence on the social network. Morton Consulting’s presence on LinkedIn comes via our president Mark Morton’s profile – which everyone should connect to!   We’re very excited to have a new way to bring […]


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Cloudy with a Chance of Blogs

Written on September 27, 2011

The IT industry is headed towards clout usage on a large scale, and the technology continues to grow in use every day. An excellent side effect to this how quickly many excellent blogs and resources have developed in just the past few years. There is a great wealth of expertise and information being shared, and a great IT community has grown around it.


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Chris Harr at Radford Event

Written on September 22, 2011

Morton Account Executive Chris Harr recently had the opportunity to return to his alma mater Radford University to meet and speak to current students. Radford invited Chris as part of the third annul “Experience Business Casually” career development event, hosted by the Radford College of Business and Economics.


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Connecting with Morton

Written on September 20, 2011

IT consulting and recruiting have always been businesses of communication at their heart – making connections between clients and talented IT professionals, ensuring consultants have a network of support, and communicating with our clients to best identify their needs.


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